• Backup, AntiVirus
  • & Malware check
  • Every Week
  • Up to 3 Hours p.m.
  • + 1 Month Rollover
  • 48 Hr Turnaround
  • Up to 6 Hours p.m.
  • + 1 Month Rollover
  • 24 Hr Turnaround
  • Pre-Pay
  • Get cheaper
  • Hourly Rates

Support & Maintenance Plans

We offer website maintenance and management programs that are professional, inexpensive and take care of all your web support needs.

Why do I need one?

You dont! If I can use an analogy, you dont need to get your car serviced either but if you dont then sooner or later a big bill may appear when it stops completely, regular maintenance and servicing ensures its there when you need it, websites rarely "stop" or "break down" completely, but (just like your home PC) they do gather rubbish and slow down, databases need optimising, caches and temp files cleared etc. You check and defrag your harddisks on your PC, support customers have their websites done too.

As well as the day-to-day maintenance if you want anything done on your site you can call and get prioritised service  with guaranteed SLAs (Support Level Agreement) response times.

for example:

  • Designing email newsletters and helping with your marketing campaigns
  • Adding or changing pages, pictures, videos
  • Changing template designs
  • training on website admin for staff
  • and much more ....

Detailed below are our standard website maintenance support packages.

Essentials Support

Just the basics to keep a site clean, secure and backed up.

  • Weekly Backups of the Whole Site*
  • Daily Anti-Virus Scan
  • Daily Anti-Malware Scan
  • Monitoring for and applying site security patches and updates (essential for security to block any newly discovered vulnerabilities)

Normal Support

Peace of mind that if you need non-urgent changes done, advice or training you can pick up the phone or send us an email and its there.

  • Weekly Backups of the Whole Site*
  • Monitoring for and applying site security patches and updates
  • Business Hours Support. (9am - 5pm, GMT +2Hours)
  • Advice and consultancy.
  • Site design changes.
  • Site content additions or changes.
  • 3 hours per month, tasks are all time tracked in your account area
  • With this support package we fit in your jobs as and when we can but guarantee a response and a fix or workaround within 72 hours maximum, usually much faster.

Priority Support

When you need urgent support and design changes done quickly this is the support package you need.

  • Weekly Backups of the Whole Site*
  • Monitoring for and applying site security patches and updates
  • Disaster Recovery1
  • 9-9pm | 7 Days a week support.
  • Periphery help and advice, Email setup, Computer program/Network support.
  • Advice and consultancy.
  • Site design changes.
  • Site content additions or changes.
  • 6 Hours per month, tasks are all time tracked in your account area
  • With this support package we prioritise your support jobs and guarantee guarantee a response and a fix or workaround within 24 hours maximum, usually much faster but we have to allow for time differences across the globe.

Pre-Pay Support

Save money by pre-payment, by paying just €25 Per hour into your credit account with PlanB you can save 37.5% on the normal invoiced hourly rate of €40 per hour.

  • Any invoices generated will be credited with any money/hours pre-paid in your account before reverting to the standard invoice rate, so if you have any work youd like doing coming up then pre-payment will save you money on your final bill.


Fixing things when they go wrong may be too late, our support packages let you have complete peace of mind that its all getting taken care of in the background by professionals and your site will run hassle free and be backed up up regularly.

Many times we have been asked by customers who declined to take support, thinking that a "pay as you go" is better, to fix errors or do maintenance on a site and its been too late to save a corrupted database or someone has made major changes in the admin of the site requiring a complete rebuild or restore from the very original dev backup which was very different from the most recent site, so of course we will help on an hourly paid basis but it could be a false economy, like all "insurances" the cost must be weighed against the risk, how much is your site and the business it brings worth to you?

* There must be enough room on the server to perform a full site backup, if the site is 250Mb there must be 250Mb free in your hosting account.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: Depending on the Core system you will probably need to install the regular security updates to keep the site secure from hackers and exploits, just as Windows needs constant updates to maintain security so do CMS system core and third party component files.

  1. For all our support packages we must always be able to have FULL ADMIN access to your site, your Hosting Control Panel and FTP access.
  2. Design changes include template changes and module placement changes, addition of modules/components (may include an extra charge if the module/component has to be purchased)
  3. 1In the event of your site completely failing for any reason including but not limited to:- being hacked, SQL injection or malware attack PlanB will restore the latest backup within 6 hours of discovery of the issue, if your domain is compromised PlanB will restore a backup to a PlanB server and temporarily redirect your domain name to our server until such time as your hosting account is available and secure to a maximum of 30 days.

If you require more than 6 hours support time per month or need custom requirements that go beyond the "off-the-shelf" packages, contact us and we will be happy to provide a quote for a package that matches your needs.

Support plans are valid for and billed for 6 Month periods.