At your service

CustomerSupportWe want to ensure all our clients are 100% happy with their site so we have made this page for all our valued clients (and potential clients :)) to give you access to everything you could want related to the creation, maintenance and expansion of your planb website.

The menu above lets you access your account with us where you can see all your orders, support tickets, invoices and details including any relevant notes on your file including all login names and password etc. You can order or renew services online through our shop, submit a support ticket to our support department. We have made a "toolbox" for you which has the best online tools available from photo editors to online virus scanners, you'll want to bookmark this page, trust me!

Coming very soon is our comprehensive Online Learning Centre where we are preparing short training sessions on all the aspects of your site that you need to be able to administer your planb website efficiently and quickly.

Lastly, if you have any ideas of what we can add here to improve the service to our clients then please feel free to contact us and let us know.